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Wardrobe Rejuvenation

$2000 - 3750

(3 and 6 Month Options Available)

Package includes:

  • A style discovery session (a mini-workshop that helps identify ideal style)

  • Closet Detox 

    • Evaluation of current wardrobe. 

    • Refine wardrobe to include only clothes that are in alignment with your ideal style. 

    • Reimagine garments and create at minimum 5 new looks that complement the ideal style. 

  • Recommended products to complete seasonal wardrobe

  • Shopping Experience (usually 1 or 2 trips)

  • An Outfit Planning Session where we work in the new pieces into the wardrobe and curate more looks

  • A Digital Lookbook – Will contain images of curated looks 

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Wardrobe Rejuvenation


     Looking for a fresh start? Let’s give your wardrobe a full rejuvenation.  We will start this journey by first discovering who you are now.  Sometimes, our wardrobe needs to play catch up and I can help with that.  We will go through a mini-workshop, where I help you redefine your ideal style.  Once we have our game plan, we will head to your closet to refine and align your wardrobe with your new ideal style. We remove any worn, damaged, or ill-fitting pieces, identify what may need alterations and what you prefer to donate to others.  While detoxing your wardrobe of pieces that no longer suit the new you, I will create a shopping list of pieces that we should add to your closet to complete your new look.  

     Next (Everyone’s favorite part!): Shopping! Lol, no worries if it’s not your favorite part.  I’ll be doing most of the heavy lifting. My mission — virtually or in person — will be to search for the missing pieces to complete the wardrobe. All you have to do is try and buy or buy and then try if we’re online shopping, of course. Once you’ve collected the new garments, we will reconvene for an outfit planning session where we’ll mix the new additions with your existing wardrobe pieces to curate even more looks. Don’t worry about trying to remember all of the looks we create. Once we complete the outfit planning session, I will curate a Style Guide featuring images of the new looks and tips for styling your body type and stay true to your new aesthetic. I recommend keeping this in your closet for days when you’re feeling uninspired or need a quick outfit idea.

Want more time together?- Great, me too! 

    I am now offering a six-month version of the Wardrobe Rejuvenation package. I know you have a busy year ahead of you. Between various work affairs,  vacations, and the multitudes of celebrations, you do not have the time or energy to put into your wardrobe. However, you still want to show up as your FULL self and walk into every room looking and feeling confident. With the extension, I am to support you for a longer by giving you a double dose of everything in the three-month package. Yes, that means:  


DOUBLE the time = DOUBLE the support, DOUBLE the outfits, and DOUBLE the FUN! Let's curate a wardrobe designed to support your busy lifestyle.

  • Two Seasonal Closet Detox sessions

  • Two Digital Lookbooks

  • Two Shopping Experiences

  • Two Outfit Planning Sessions

  • Unlimited Virtual style support for six months



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